Here at Hillycroft Fisheries we are not only passionate about creating the most delicious fish and chips but also making sure that the ingredients we use are from a sustainable source so that future generations will continue to enjoy Britain’s iconic dish.

All of the Haddock we serve is sustainably sourced and MSC certified. We have full traceability of the time and vessel it was caught aboard, and even from which area of the ocean. We only buy haddock that has been caught in the North East Atlantic fishing area (FAO 27). Hillycroft Fisheries are the first fish and chip in Morely to become MSC certified. By displaying the MSC ecolabel along with our MSC certification number (MSC-C-53712), we are demonstrating our support for the health and ecology of the world’s oceans through sustainable fishing.

Only the best chipping potatoes

We choose only the best quality chipping potatoes available to us to create our chips, and have full traceability of the variety and which farm they were grown on.