Introducing our new Lite Bite menu

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18 September 2019

Hillycroft Fisheries is excited to announce the launch of our new ‘Lite Bite’ menu, which has been created for customers who prefer a smaller portion. Customers can choose from our Lite Bite Haddock, Chicken Bites, Sausage and even Battered Halloumi. All are served with a small portion of chips and placed in our environmentally friendly packaging. See our full menu.

Proving very popular already is the MSC certified Lite Bite Haddock at only £3.80. The meal is about half the size of our regular portion of haddock and chips and has been especially well received by our lunchtime customers. We cook to order and can have it ready within a few minutes.

Hillycroft Fisheries owner Rafael said, “Our aim is to provide a meal that is suitable for every customer. As well as our regular portion of haddock and chips, we also have our ‘Lighter Meal for One’ which is a regular haddock with small chips, which has proved to be extremely popular over the past few months. I think the new Lite Bite Haddock Meal sits perfectly alongside these and gives our customer even more choice. Of course we also cater for customers with a larger appetite by serving our ‘Special’ large haddock which is around twice the size of our regular haddock.